ADHD. The symptoms may affect attention and the joys will instill perspectives anew.

Liam Galway

“How to Spell Distractibility”


A-D-H-D. Has. Been. With. Me. Since. I was


Plagued me as a preteen

Kid of stupid, stubborn, routine.

I took Hot Wheels cars and I’d put them on the track,

Walk to one side of my bedroom, then walked back

I walked back and forth in my room so many times I cracked the ceiling from beneath my feet

Bit my nails so much that my fingers would bleed,

Could memorize an entire Franklin book before I knew how to read.

New every damn dinosaur from Cretaceous to Jurassic before I was thirteen.

Hurt me.

My brain would tell me hurt me.

My brain always seemed to hurt me.

You can do better.

Memorize every letter.

But you see my parents wouldn’t let me listen to rap music because it was crap music but as soon as I listened to that music I was like ‘woah’

My vocabulary

My vocabulary became extraordinary,

Already I’m an alternative adaptation to already awesome artwork, all alone all atoned, all at home my art irks,

Bamboozling braniacs by brandishing balletic wordplay, battling boredom by bypassing brainwaves,

Catatonic cataracts counteracting compulsive counterattacks, cat calling content criminals creating creativity crevasse cracks.

Determining departure dates, deeming death done, demonstrating my diabolical brain dead dung.

See I’d write down every single thing my brain would say but recently it feels like I’ve put my creative side into submission by giving myself an internet addiction, I’m bringing my laptop down into the kitchen while I listen to the microwave because I don’t want it to beep while my parents are asleep so I, creep to unlock it for a hot pizza pocket and pop it and bite into it until

the molten mozzarella burns my chin again, I’m probably going to stay up all night again watching CNN videos on Facebook, it might look, like I’m trying to socialize but that’s a lie I’m starting to realize that time flies even if you’re not having fun, like I’m sitting watching the setting of the sun wondering what I’ve done watching Breaking Bad reruns like there goes another day that I’ve wasted away I wish I could say what goes on in my head

Numbers confuse me

Letters amuse me

My memory is shaky

And my appetite is choosy

But it has its upsides as well:

I can tell my mother I love her and say it differently every single day

I can write essays and get A’s

I can write poetry for days

I can take the mean things that some of my friends would say and turn it into songs and sometimes I’d even sing along so their words wouldn’t hurt as much

Cause when I look into your eyes

All I see is a sunrise

And there ain’t no way to disguise that we’re still friend—