Knowing that having a man does not define worth, is one thing. Claiming love because you are deserving, is another.

Jamila Joseph (JaiDanse) “A Man”

ok ok so just a quick quick, quick back story. I come from a long line of very strong women very very strong women. mother strong, grandmother strong aunts, cousins, just strong women who would tell me you don not need a man you do not need a man and it registered I do not need a man but

I want a man

I want A rich man
Rich in knowing
Who he is and where he be going.
Yes I can support him
but I can not show him that he is a man
and I will not show him
cuz that alone is for him

to prove and exude,
from the way he walks to the way he moves.
From the way he talks to the way he choose
to voice his opinion
without disrespecting my view.

Arguments due to
conflicting ideas will be more
than the he said she said
or the win or lose trend.

Nah Because he is a man
and not a boy
He does not cuss nor curse
we converse through
better or worse
he puts me first.

As his woman I am with him
he trips I lift him.
Hooked beside him
to guide him and
I will never deny him,
the wisdom of my words,
the sincerity of my smile.
The reminder that I love him
if I haven’t said it in awhile.

Because I love you.
A rich man.
Rich in knowing that our bond be deeper than any depth,
higher than any height man can achieve.
It can not be fathomed nor imagined
cuz like Adam and Eve we are man and woman.
But that he is a man
I can not show him and I will not show him
because that alone is for him.