Beatfreeks – Poetry Jam Live

Beatfreeks - Poetry Jam Live

Beatfreeks presents Poetry Jam, our monthly open mic night – streaming live on YouTube.

About this event

Poetry Jam

A Monthly Open Mic Platform

Established in 2013

Live on YouTube on the first Thursday of every month


What is Poetry Jam?

Poetry Jam is a movement

Poetry Jam is a community

Poetry Jam is a chance to speak up

Poetry Jam is innovation

Poetry Jam is individuality

Poetry Jam is unapologetic

Poetry Jam is love

Poetry Jam is comedy

Poetry Jam is raw

Poetry Jam is real

Poetry Jam is the first Thursday of every month


Poetry Jam is an open mic night for your first poem or your fifty-first.

It’s a place where the topic can go from love, to comedy, to grief in a heartbeat.

It’s a place for free verse, for slam, for sonnets and for lyrics.

It’s raw, uncensored and sometimes explicit.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re just here to drink in the culture, or you want to speak up and be heard.

Let us know you’ll be there and grab your free ticket.



We ask poets to send us prerecorded videos of their performance to us for a chance to feature in the showcase, with our young hosts reacting to the performances.


Join us on YouTube, at 7pm on the first Thursday of every month, to watch the event live. Follow and subscribe for more content at @beatfreeks across our social media platforms. Don’t worry, once you’ve registered here, we’ll send out a link when we are ready to go live, so no need to worry.


Even though we have moved online, we’re keeping an open mic approach: it’s a first come first serve basis. Send your video submission to via WeTransfer or WhatsApp to 07521632819. If you don’t make it on a given month, resubmit! There’s always another Poetry Jam coming.